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    How We Work...

    Because we believe the key to developing value-based products, services or impactful messaging begins with astute attention to the voice of the customer, we make it a point to “walk the talk.”  At Verbal Clue we begin each engagement with a listening ear.  We LISTEN to our clients’ needs—their “must-haves” and “wish list” items—and ask intelligent questions to unearth the unarticulated needs and desired outcomes for the project. 

    Then, gleaning on our academic and professional experiences, as well as on our industry expertise, Verbal Clue will create a customized research solution that is tailored specifically for our client’s unique “clues.”  While we specialize in providing market research solutions, we understand that it is not simply about doing a bunch of interviews and listening to responses.  What sets us apart is our ability to execute these activities skillfully, in a manner that attains vital information, and that serves our clients’ specific business objectives. 

    While our relationships with our clients tend to linger well after an assignment, our engagements do come to an end.  However, they end only after we have worked relentlessly to create meaningful value for our clients.  On a typical project, we will commemorate the value we provide with delivery of summary report, or an in-person presentation ladened with relevant and intelligent insights and action-oriented recommendations.  At the end of the day, our research deliverables are not just a mere regurgitation of census or survey numbers, or a high-level spiel on academic theory.  We provide practical and well thought-out recommendations that form the basis of real-world plans.