“In the few weeks I got to know and work with Judithe, I discovered that not only is she professional, courteous, intelligent and quality-oriented, but she's also friendly, enthusiastic and insightful. She has a genuine passion for what she does, and it shows!”  Advertising, Marketing & PR Agency Client

“The work by Verbal Clue Research has been absolutely invaluable to us!” Non-Profit Organization Client

President & Chief Marketing Research Strategist 

Judithe M. Andre is a market research professional, moderator, and certified expert in voice-of-the-customer research methodology with nearly 20 years experience.  She is passionate about helping companies in the US and throughout the world incorporate the voices that really do matter into their business—the voice of the customer—as a strategic means of creating value for the consumers, as well as the businesses involved.  She founded Verbal Clue Research, a full-service market research consultancy that is dedicated to helping companies and research suppliers find, hone and act on the voices of their key targets or constituents to create REAL value for them.

Judithe utilizes her marketing research expertise, talent, entrepreneurial spirit and her industry-specific experiences to bring clients full-service offerings and insights.  In her role as a moderator and as a professional “conversationalist,” she uses rigorous interviewing techniques and knows just how to elicit the right information from respondents.  Her reporting delivers fresh perspectives that inform real world marketing activities, match respondent ideals and promote actionability. 

Prior to starting Verbal Clue, Judithe served clients while working at some of the country’s leading marketing research and consulting firms—Burke, Inc., Yankelovich, Inc. and Copernicus Marketing Research & Consulting, Inc.  She was responsible for directing multiple facets of custom research projects—including projects that informed marketing strategy and implementation plans, new product/service development, global/domestic segmentations and positioning, marketing communications/public relations, usability tests and product forecasts.  She managed projects across a number of industries, including those in the healthcare/pharmaceutical, consumer goods and non-profit industries, among others.  

Judithe holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Marketing from Northeastern University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The College of The Holy Cross, both in Massachusetts.  She is an active member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), the American Marketing Association (AMA), and Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA).