The Art of Eliciting Consumer Input is Our Science

It is no secret, successful businesses thrive on developing and delivering products that meet the needs and expectations of customers.  In fact, operating based on voice-of-customer insights is perhaps the most quintessential characteristic of successful businesses.  Yet, many organizations fail to hone the actual and experiential “voices” of their customers while engaged in the development of new products, services, messages or policies.  Instead, they may rely heavily on dated research insights, poorly executed customer interviews, instinct, external industry trends that are not relevant to their business and extensive online information to drive their understanding of customers. The results, while they may satisfy the egos of those involved, do not represent the explicit needs of customers.  

To help mitigate these issues, Verbal Clue operates with the belief that the "verbal clues" of consumers—in their own words and actions—are a "must have" for business success.  We utilize strategic voice-of-the-customer qualitative techniques to help companies at the critical front-end of their business endeavors understand their consumers' perspectives. We specialize in eliciting the verbal clues.  Let us show you how.