“In the few weeks I got to know and work with Judithe, I discovered that not only is she professional, courteous, intelligent and quality-oriented, but she's also friendly, enthusiastic and insightful. She has a genuine passion for what she does, and it shows!”  Advertising, Marketing & PR Agency Client

Qualitative Research Services

At Verbal Clue, we understand our core competencies, therefore, know how to deliver best in class qualitative service solutions and added value for our clients’ businesses.

As skilled and experienced moderators, in-depth interviewers, and professional conversationalists we are able to take on a variety of qualitative research projects including, most complex projects with ease. 

Our qualitative research services include:  

  • One-on-One in-depth interviews (in-person, telephone and online)
  • Focus group discussions (in-person and online)
  • Dyads, Triads or Mini-group discussions (in-person and telephone)
  • Ethnography studies/observational research (workplace, residential or shop-alongs)
  • Mobile research
  • Proprietary methods (including secondary, grassroots and social networking)

Our service offerings are designed to meet the needs of clients at any given stage of the research process:

  • Project Management
    • Quote retrievals
    • Facility and recruiting oversight/management
  • Creation of Screeners, Topic Guides & Questionnaires
  • Backroom Management
    • Interview observations
    • Note-taking
    • Debriefing
  • Moderator of Focus Groups & In-depth Interviews
  • Data Mining & Analysis
  • Report Preparation
    • Custom reporting (topline, summary or full reports) in Word or PowerPoint
    • Composition of field notes based on audio recordings
  • In-Person, Telephone or Web-based Presentations