Supplement Your Market Research Capabilities.  As Your Trusted Partner, We Make Your Needs Our Own.

Verbal Clue is proud to partner with some of the industry’s leading market research suppliers as a “go-to” provider of reliable, cost-effective and high-quality research support for their qualitativequantitative, or multi-method research projects. 

Having “grown-up” in the research supplier side of the industry, we know and understand what drives market research vendors and speak your language fluently.  We hear the ‘verbal clues’ of market research vendors loud and clear.  Our innate familiarity with the “business” of market research service delivery, coupled with our commitment for quality, our entrepreneurial spirit and ability to turn projects around fast, make us a frequently sought-after partner.

Our quantitative research services include:

  • Proposal Creation
  • Project Management
  • Quote retrievals
  • Field vendor oversight/management
  • Project updates/oversight
  • Creation of Screeners
  • Creation of Questionnaires
  • Questionnaire, Report or Programming Checks
  • Tabulation & Banner Plans
  • Analysis (Excel & SPSS)
  • Data Posting
  • Reporting